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Make confident forecasting your competitive edge

Generate improved forecasts that factor in trends, seasonality, promotions, and events via a robust machine learning driven engine. Capture your full sales potential with automated planning. Collaborate across departments and adjust forecasts to drive continual improvement and accountability.

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Quick guide – Improve forecasting in your supply chain

This quick guide will introduce you to inventory forecasting. Learn three key steps that will help you more accurately predict future sales and avoid incurring excess stock and stock-outs.

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What you get with Netstock’s Forecasting and Demand Planning

Build better
forecasts — faster

Netstock automatically assigns the best demand forecasting models for each item, customer, region, unit, price, cost, or margin. Smart analytics engines “learn” over time to improve forecast accuracy. Quickly review or adjust forecasts for individual SKUs, any level of product, or channel aggregation. Factor in lost sales, promotions, and other non-recurring events to produce better sales, inventory, procurement, and manufacturing plans.

Integrate and accelerate planning

Get a deeper level of forecasting granularity with exclusive Pivot Forecasting®. Forecast at any level, including by sub-SKU attributes, channel, customer, or region, and work in any unit of measure. Plan on multiple dimensions to generate product and channel-specific forecasts weekly or daily creating symmetry between forecasting and planning executives in your business.

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Drive smarter decisions across your business

Netstock automatically generates inventory plans and product orders, and directly ports order information to your ERP. Make multi-item manual adjustments to forecasts and corresponding plans and synchronize sales forecasts with inventory, procurement, operations, and finance teams.

Out-plan uncertainty and drive continual improvement

See the direct impact of forecasting inputs, by running “what-if” scenarios and create strategic plans for best- and worst-case scenarios to maintain optimal fill rates in the face of dynamic demand and supply lead time.

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