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Integrate forecasting & demand planning with S&OP software

Build integrated sales & operations planning (S&OP) strategies that anticipate and synchronize sales, procurement, logistics, operations and finance to achieve focus, control, alignment, and superior business results.

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Netstock S&OP
Supply chain planning software's ROI


Improve Supply Chain Reliability with Collaborative Planning and Predictive Analytics

Netstock has partnered with Lora Cecere, Founder and CEO of Supply Chain Insights, to explain how collaborative technologies improve alignment and resiliency in the face of unprecedented variability.

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Continuous S&OP with Netstock

Business-wide synergy with S&OP

  • Increase visibility into sales, inventory, operations and finance data
  • Improve accountability and forecast accuracy 
  • Optimize production and sourcing assignments 
  • Improve the effectiveness of new products and marketing initiatives
  • Quickly change scenarios and analyze outcomes

Netstock Predictor IBP provides core capabilities to drive smart S&OP

Netstock integrated forecasting & demand planning

Integrated forecasting & demand planning

The sales and operations plan starts with highly accurate and automated expert forecasts that “learn” over time to continually increase forecast accuracy. Generate forecasts that respond to changing levels, trends, intermittency, seasonality, and external events.

Real-time inventory visibility

Real-time inventory visibility

View inventory, backlogs, and planned supply at any level of aggregation, and in any unit of measure, providing all stakeholders with a comprehensive and timely view of the information they need.

Centralized planning & accountability

Centralized planning & accountability

Break down silos and share goals and strategies in a single place, putting operations, sales, marketing, and finance on the same page. Facilitate efficient workflows that align operations and tactics with strategy.

Netstock inventory scenario planning

Scenario planning & business analysis to accelerate business responsiveness

Create and compare multiple demand-supply scenarios and easily distribute plans and key data to stakeholders. Netstock Predictor PLUS provides an efficient platform and makes it easier to go from annual or bi-annual planning to a monthly or weekly S&OP cadence.

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