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Netstock extracts and analyzes the data in your SYSPRO ERP, creating prescriptive recommendations to make smart supply chain planning decisions for your business.

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SYSPRO ERP and Netstock Dashboard

A powerful supply chain planning solution for Select Hardware

Since implementing Netstock, Select Hardware automatically classified their inventory and managed to reduce inventory by 25%. They can now also perform scenario planning to navigate disruptions more efficiently.

What to expect from Netstock


Netstock is built to drive agility and growth

Integrating with Netstock optimizes your supply chain planning while anticipating dynamic market demand and supply risk.

Netstock one-click ordering

A smarter, more agile inventory management solution

The inventory management capabilities in SYSPRO are extensive, providing functionality around supplier information, product categories, and locations. This data enables forecasting and recommended orders. Netstock extends SYSPRO’s inventory functionality and provides visibility and flexibility to adjust planning in response to market changes to balance inventory holding and meet demand.

Improved visibility into ERP data with Netstock

Enable a more dynamic view of your supply chain

With Netstock’s AI-powered predictive supply chain planning solutions, you gain visibility to optimize supply chain planning, enabling quicker decision-making, unlocking working capital, and improving customer service.

Classify products to increase visibility

Item classification

SYSPRO uses a Pareto analysis to classify its inventory; however, they base their classifications on one criterion only, which uses sales value to distinguish items. With Nestock, we enhance inventory accuracy by using two criteria, the ABC for sales value and HML (high, medium, low) for sales velocity. Netstock’s classification matrix lets you prioritize your time and inventory dollars.

Forecasting new items

New items are forecasted using a proxy method in SYSPRO, where the new item is judged on another item with the same or similar characteristics. To achieve a better seasonal forecast, Netstock instead assigns the new item to a group of like-for-like items. This group would have an established seasonal forecast to base the new item’s forecast.

Automatically adjust safety stock levels

Safety stock

Netstock achieves dynamic safety stock levels, which provides a far more accurate calculation. Safety stock is calculated on each item’s classification. If something changes to an item and the supplier becomes unreliable, Netstock will automatically increase the safety stock level. This ensures you never have too much or too little in your safety stock buckets.

Optimize shipping spend

Top-up orders

When placing recommended orders, it’s common to have extra space in the container. Filling that space with additional orders is beneficial to make shipping more cost-effective. Netstock simplifies this process by scanning your inventory and suggesting items that are close to needing replenishment. This allows you to top up your container with the right products, eliminating the need for manual guesswork and preventing unnecessary excess stock.

Netstock’s SYSPRO ERP customers say it best

Seamless integration process

Start improving your inventory levels in 48 hours

Set target fill rates

1. Import from SYSPRO

Netstock connects in minutes regardless if your SYSPRO ERP is on-premise or in the cloud.

Optimize ordering

2. Preview your data

In just two hours Netstock will identify where you have excess stock or potentially going to stock-out.

Automate ordering

3. Start optimizing inventory

Experience the benefits of optimal inventory levels and create purchase orders within a few days of installation.

Experience rapid ROI

Improve ROI with Netstock

Netstock is designed to shorten the road from rollout to ROI. Experience value from day one with a customized subscription model that offers advanced solutions as your business matures.

  • Implementation: less than 2 weeks
  • Onboarding: a thorough five-step process led by inventory experts
  • Immediate visibility: reduced stock-outs and excess stock
  • Increase inventory performance: daily improvements in line with policy

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