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Automate your automotive inventory management with predictive analytics

Accelerate speed to market with enhanced inventory visibility and forecasting capabilities. Quickly adapt to changes in customer behavior, trade regulations, and external disruptions. Save time and focus on the auto parts that matter the most to your customers.

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Supply chain planning software's ROI


Quick guide – Improve forecasting in your supply chain

This quick guide will introduce you to inventory forecasting. Learn three key steps that will help you more accurately predict future sales and avoid incurring excess stock and stock-outs.

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Improve inventory and demand planning with Netstock

Netstock puts you in the driver’s seat

  • Manage diverse product catalogs: using predictive analytics to optimize inventory and capacity planning.
  • Assign the best demand forecasting models: forecast by each item, customer, region, unit, price, cost, or margin.
  • Automatically classify spare parts: reduce obsolescence and free up resources and time to focus on the right parts to meet demand.
  • Monitor and measure supplier performance: identify and work with reliable suppliers, increase collaboration, improve lead times, and automatically adjust safety stock levels.
  • Model different scenarios: predict the effects of promotions on demand with machine learning functionality.

Netstock unlocks operating cash

Automotive customers turn to Netstock to optimize their supply chain

Improving visibility for auto parts customers

Netstock enhances data in your ERP

Netstock integrates with leading ERP systems, automatically processing data to rapidly deliver smart supply chain recommendations.

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