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With increased visibility, you can rapidly balance your inventory investment with the required target fill rate to meet demand. Netstock Predictor Inventory Advisor improves forecasting, enables item classification, and facilitates processes to optimize your inventory planning.

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Netstock Predictor IA dashboard

Reduce excess inventory and free up working capital while minimizing stock-outs. See Netstock in action >

Inventory insights to enable agility and speed

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Intelligent software to accelerate inventory planning

Netstock inventory prioritized dashboard

Increased visibility

View inventory KPIs in a single dashboard: stock vs. model stock, fill rates, stock-outs, and excess stock. Early warning signs highlight items needing attention to adjust planning in line with supply and demand. Use Netstock’s AI feature, the Opportunity Engine, to review inventory data, identify issues, and recommend necessary actions in real-time. Further enhance visibility with unlimited custom reports, providing succinct information essential for daily operations.

Netstock sales forecasting

Forecasting & demand planning

Build better forecasts that fuel automated planning to capture your full sales potential. Forecast by product, channel and location and automatically create high-quality forecasts that factor in seasonality and trends. Easily assess overall results and loop in sales, marketing, and senior management.

Inventory classification

Inventory classification

Automatically classify every SKU according to sales & velocity to focus your time and resources on what’s critical to meet demand. Invest in high-performing, profitable products and reduce overstocking of the wrong products.

Inventory replenishment

Replenishment planning

Enable faster replenishment with predictive orders and automatically generate balanced and optimized orders for each SKU based on predictive plans that anticipate changes in demand and supply. The recommended order schedule drives every order with the goal of achieving the most balanced, optimal inventory holding. Optimize existing inventories by analyzing inventory levels across multiple locations, identifying surplus stock, and seamlessly redistributing stock to where it’s needed most. Transfer surplus stock seamlessly between locations, whether it’s from one location to many or from many locations to one.

Supplier performance management

Supplier performance

Work with suppliers to reduce lead times and improve customer service levels. Using supplier data, Netstock can automatically compute lead times and adjust safety stock per item according to the supplier’s risk profile. Netstock will highlight poorly performing suppliers so you can take actions to and optimize your supplier network.

Quick road to ROI

Netstock is designed to shorten the road from rollout to ROI. Monthly subscription model, priced by inventory value for unlimited users, with rapid deployment and no large, upfront costs ensures there is a rapid ROI.

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Netstock enhances data in your ERP

Netstock integrates with leading ERP systems, automatically processing data to rapidly deliver smart supply chain recommendations.

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