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Measure and monitor supplier performance

Measure and assess suppliers’ performance and dynamically respond to changes in lead times. Automatically adjust your safety stock levels in line with supplier reliability and deliver the desired service levels to your customers. Use supplier data to identify trends to optimize and improve your supplier network.

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Enhance inventory visibility with accurate supplier data

  • Measure suppliers’ performance

  • Monitor and improve lead times

  • Automatically adjust safety stock levels

  • Optimize and improve supplier network

Rapidly respond to changes in supplier performance

Monitor supplier performance

Measure each supplier’s performance, including planned vs. measured lead times, and immediately identify suppliers not delivering on time or in full for each item. Using supplier data, Netstock builds a risk profile for each supplier and will automatically adjust your replenishment in line with changes in supply, enabling you to meet customer demand.

Measure and adjust lead time per item

Dynamically respond to changes in supply by measuring lead time by item, supplier, and location. Netstock compensates for poor delivery and excludes outliers while automatically adjusting the amount of safety stock you need to achieve the desired target fill rate.

Automatically adjust safety stock levels

Netstock ensures safety stock is dynamic, taking into account unreliable supply and inaccurate forecasting. The less reliable a supplier is or, the longer the lead time, the more safety stock is required for that item.

Optimize your supplier network

Summarize each supplier’s historical, overdue, open, and future orders. Optimize your supply chain planning by measuring deliveries, sharing future purchase orders and spending with suppliers, enabling them to plan efficiently. Regularly communicate with preferred suppliers and manually update delivery changes to fine-tune your target fill rate.

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