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Enhance your
Odoo ERP

Netstock extracts and analyzes the data in your Odoo ERP, creating prescriptive recommendations to make smart supply chain planning decisions for your business.

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A powerful supply chain planning solution for Bluesky Solutions

Since implementing Netstock, Bluesky Solutions have drastically reduced stock-outs and their fill rate has improved by over 20%.

What to expect from Netstock


Netstock is built to drive agility and growth

Integrating with Netstock optimizes your supply chain planning while anticipating dynamic market demand and supply risk.

Netstock one-click ordering

Unlock Odoo inventory data with Netstock

Odoo’s inventory features include minimum/maximum order levels and manually adding reorder points. Netstock extends Odoo’s inventory functionality by providing a safety stock engine that takes lead time, desired service level, supplier performance, and forecast accuracy into account. Odoo’s manual calculation of minimum/maximum levels makes incorporating these factors in spreadsheets challenging.

Improved visibility into ERP data with Netstock

Enable a more dynamic view of your supply chain

With Netstock’s AI-powered predictive supply chain planning solutions, you gain visibility to optimize supply chain planning, enabling quicker decision-making, unlocking working capital, and improving customer service.

Classify products to increase visibility

Item classification

Netstock classifies every stocked SKU according to its sales value and sales velocity. The classification matrix will automatically enable you to focus time and resources on the high-performing items that matter most to your customers and drive profits for your business.

Forecasting new items

Netstock’s powerful forecasting engine helps generate reliable sales forecasts, review stock levels, and improve customer satisfaction. By adjusting the forecast settings, you have more control and flexibility. You can forecast new items based on sales of their predecessor and amend your forecast for anomalies that may have occurred from a sales or operations perspective. More advanced forecasting features include lost sales compensation, reactivity setting, seasonality, and maximum growth and maximum decline.

Automatically adjust safety stock levels

Safety stock

Netstock achieves dynamic safety stock levels, which provides a far more accurate calculation. Safety stock is calculated on each item’s classification. If something changes to an item and the supplier becomes unreliable, Netstock will automatically increase the safety stock level. This ensures you never have too much or too little in your safety stock buckets.

Netstock inventory prioritized dashboard

Netstock Dashboard

The Netstock Dashboard measures all the Key Performance Indicators allowing you to focus your attention on the items that make the most significant impact on your business. You’ll have increased visibility of your stock holding, potential stock-outs, highlight items in excess and your fill rate.

Bill of Materials

You don’t usually change production plans daily, but traditional reorder point ordering and planning assume you do. This creates a disconnect that leads to emergency changes and rushed production. Netstock minimizes changes by using the ‘look forward days’ feature to factor in the period until the next planning occurs. With Netstock’s Bill of Materials feature, you can extrapolate the demand from the finished goods forecast through a multi-level bill of materials to components and raw materials. This level of visibility allows you to have the appropriate safety stock, considering supplier delivery and forecasting performance.

Netstock’s Odoo ERP customers say it best

Seamless integration process

Start improving your inventory levels in 48 hours

Set target fill rates

1. Import from Odoo

Netstock connects in minutes regardless if your Odoo ERP is on-premise or in the cloud.

Optimize ordering

2. Preview your data

In just two hours Netstock will identify where you have excess stock or potentially going to stock-out.

Automate ordering

3. Start optimizing inventory

Experience the benefits of optimal inventory levels and create purchase orders within a few days of installation.

Experience rapid ROI

Improve ROI with Netstock

Netstock is designed to shorten the road from rollout to ROI. Experience value from day one with a customized subscription model that offers advanced solutions as your business matures.

  • Implementation: less than 2 weeks
  • Onboarding: a thorough five-step process led by inventory experts
  • Immediate visibility: reduced stock-outs and excess stock
  • Increase inventory performance: daily improvements in line with policy

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