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Produce time-phased production and procurement plans, solving for optimal resource assignments and strategic inventories.

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Improve Supply Chain Reliability with Collaborative Planning and Predictive Analytics

Netstock has partnered with Lora Cecere, Founder and CEO of Supply Chain Insights, to explain how collaborative technologies improve alignment and resiliency in the face of unprecedented variability.

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What you get with Netstock’s Manufacturing and Capacity Planning

Putting the “finite”
into capacity planning

Netstock’s Predictive Planning Suite incorporates an FCP (Finite Capacity Planning) solver to truly optimize production plans in monthly, weekly, or even daily time periods. The optional FCP module will suggest strategic inventories when appropriate, and automatically spread material requirements across alternative resources or vendors, optimizing cost and throughput, and preparing your business for seasonal peaks, planned outages, or rapid growth.

Real-time inventory visibility

View inventory, backlogs, and planned supply at any level of aggregation, and in any unit of measure, providing all stakeholders with a comprehensive and timely view of the information they need.

Scenario planning & business analysis to accelerate business responsiveness

Create and compare multiple demand-supply scenarios and easily share them with stakeholders. Netstock Predictor Plus provides an efficient platform and makes it easier to go from annual or bi-annual planning to a more responsive S&OP cadence.

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