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Turn ERP data into inventory intelligence

Netstock is purpose-built to integrate with all the leading ERP systems, automatically converting raw ERP data into predictive insights to drive confident decision-making.

Static ERP data > Dynamic inventory insights

Leading ERP systems provide broad and deep visibility across enterprise operations. But there’s one problem: that visibility is static. ERP systems aren’t built for forecasting the next week — much less planning the next year or more. Pulling and manipulating raw ERP data exports isn’t just slow and tedious, it limits data insights. It leads to siloed and redundant planning. Inventory teams, sales and marketing, finance — they’re all doing their own ERP data manipulation and acting on their own version of the truth.

Unlocking inventory intelligence

Netstock solves these problems, layering predictive intelligence onto your ERP data — automatically extracting powerful insights and creating a centralized forecasting and planning platform that feeds reliable business intelligence across the organization.

Pre-built integrations

No expensive, time-consuming customization — and no square-peg-round-hole retrofit that leaves gaps and blind spots. Netstock seamlessly integrates with your ERP systems, right out of the box.

Automatically ingests ERP data

Netstock’s direct integration continuously pulls your ERP data into Netstock’s powerful inventory intelligence engine.

Add predictive intelligence

Netstock layers predictive modeling over your real-time ERP data to give you focused visibility and predictive planning, forecasting and ordering insights.

Enables integrated ordering

Netstock auto-generates perfectly predictive orders — and automatically imports them into your ERP system with one click.

Creates continuous inventory visibility

Seamless integration creates an end-to-end cycle of inventory visibility, automatically synchronizing what you do in Netstock with what the rest of your organization sees in your ERP system.

Purpose-built for seamless ERP integration

Netstock comes with pre-built integrations for a wide range of leading ERP system — a list that’s continually growing.

See smart inventory come to life

Read case studies on innovative companies augmenting their ERP systems with Netstock’s predictive intelligence and insights.

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The missing link in your ERP: inventory optimization

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