Inventory optimization built for powerful simplicity

The Netstock platform gives fast-growing challengers — big and small — the modern toolkit to drive smart inventory optimization and planning. Powerful analytics that don’t demand a data scientist. Simple dashboards for confident decision-making. Intelligent insights to catalyze strategic growth.

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Bridging the gap between ERP and inventory planning

ERP systems are the beating heart of operations in many organizations — but they’re not inventory optimization tools. Raw ERP data requires manual manipulation — and tedious spreadsheet management. Netstock bridges this gap, automatically integrating and analyzing real-time ERP data into actionable insights to drive smart inventory decisions.

Inventory optimization

An intelligent inventory command center shows all your critical inventory KPIs in a single dashboard view: inventory holding, excess stock, surplus orders, fill rates, potential stock outs and more. Netstock prioritizes your top 5 items to address for immediate impact. Plus, Netstock automatically categorizes every item by sales velocity and profitability, providing prescriptive and prioritized recommendations on the items and issues most profitable to your business.

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Precision forecasting &
demand planning

Generate accurate forecasts with one click. Free your time to think and plan for resilience and growth. Easily run “what-if” scenarios and create strategic plans for best- and worst-case scenarios to maintain inventory and fill rates in the face of dynamic demand and supply lead time.

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Quick & confident ordering

Move from painful and time-consuming manual ordering workflows to the intelligent automation of Netstock’s one-click ordering. Automatically generate balanced and optimized orders for each SKU — based on predictive plans that anticipate both dynamic demand and supply risk. Netstock seamlessly connects with your ERP system for streamlined ordering.

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Sales & operations

Create centralized visibility and accountability and enable modern sales & operations planning (S&OP). Synchronize decision-making across the entire
business to execute strategies that perfectly align operations and supply chain plans with sales, marketing and financial strategies.

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Leveling the playing field to compete and grow

Predictability in the era of change

In an industry defined by uncertainty and dynamic change, Netstock harnesses data-driven insights to bring reliable visibility and predictability to your inventory — so you can anticipate demand and supply issues with confidence.

Digitized and growth-ready

As businesses scale, inventory complexity overwhelms analog processes and stifles growth. Netstock empowers staff with technology-enabled workflows that digitize their wealth of institutional knowledge — creating a growth-ready and future-proof foundation for smarter inventory.

Powerful simplicity

Move from tedious manual ERP data aggregation and manipulation to personalized dashboards that deliver the inventory visibility and intelligence you need to make quick and confident decisions. Netstock’s sophisticated technology does the heavy lifting, distilling and prioritizing the information you need to make smart, strategic inventory decisions.

Prescriptive insights
in real-time

Netstock turns raw inventory data into actionable inventory intelligence at the speed of the market, unlocking insights and providing highly specific, prescriptive recommendations to make your inventory work harder to power profitability and growth.

Capture loyalty & profit potential

Identify your high-demand, highly profitable items — the items that matter most to your customers and your business — and optimize fill rates to increase customer satisfaction while optimizing for profit.

Capital savings for reinvestment

Netstock uncovers overstocked inventory to reduce your overall investment, allowing you to reinvest those saved dollars to power higher fill rates and growth initiatives.

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