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Quickly meet demand with inventory optimization software

Increase inventory visibility with powerful insights and trusted recommendations to balance your inventory investment and allocate resources to your high-performing, profitable products. Working from a personalized dashboard, you can quickly see all your critical KPIs, enabling rapid response to changes in supply or demand.

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Netstock inventory optimization dashboard

Netstock Opportunity Engine™

Are you tired of stock-outs and excess inventory? This powerful AI feature instantly analyzes inventory data across all locations, identifying critical issues and offering real-time recommendations. Prevent inventory problems before they happen! Save time and free up cash—make smarter, faster decisions today!

Inventory insights that power growth

Netstock layers predictive intelligence on your ERP data

Netstock inventory prioritized dashboard

Inventory visibility

No more manual data gathering and painstaking spreadsheet management. Netstock automatically aggregates data from your ERP system, taking in supply chain and sales inputs to show you where you’re losing sales and revenue from stock-outs, and where you’re overinvesting in excess stock, all in a single view.

Netstock sales forecasting

Automatic inventory classification

See the business value of every item in the warehouse. Netstock automatically classifies every item based on sales value and sales velocity, creating an intuitive matrix of product importance. This holistic inventory profile allows you to focus on your business’s most profitable and highest-demand items.

Inventory replenishment

Prioritized dashboard

Netstock’s personalized and prioritized dashboards are pre-configured to show you the KPIs and metrics that matter most for your business and easily track performance. See the Top 5 SKUs under each KPI, such as stock-outs, excess stock and fill rate, and their classification, to recognize issues that require urgent attention and focus on actions that make the biggest business impact.

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Supplier performance management

Accurate planning

Efficiently replenish stock while reducing operating costs through multi-tiered distribution channels with material requirements planning that comply with ordering constraints such as MOQs, vehicle loading, lot sizes, and lot expiration dates.

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Custom reporting

Netstock’s Report Builder functionality allows you to build unlimited bespoke .xlsx reports on the go, containing direct, concise information you need for your business’s daily operations. Collaborate with team members and share findings to drive better decisions. Create instance-specific or private reports (ad-hoc or batch scheduled), add filters, and define sorting criteria. Instantly preview your report before finalizing it to ensure it meets your expectations.

Opportunity Engine

The Opportunity Engine™ is AI functionality designed to prevent issues before they occur by analyzing inventory data across all locations. It suggests real-time actions to optimize stock levels, predict stock-outs, and reduce excess inventory. This prompts users to expedite orders and prevent lost sales. Users also have the option to vote on these suggestions, allowing the engine to learn and customize its recommendations.

Netstock enhances data in your ERP

Netstock integrates with leading global ERPs, automatically processing data to rapidly deliver smart supply chain recommendations.

Set inventory policy in line with your business goals

Balance your inventory levels and financial investment with a data-drven inventory policy based on each product’s classification and risk profile. Reduce the impact of disruptions by modelling and measuring the impact of different policy decisions to reduce the risk of overstocking or stock-outs.

Classify products to increase visibility

Classify products to increase visibility

Group stocked products according to their sales and velocity and set the replenishment cycle and target fill rate in line with each product’s classification. Gain immediate visibility into each classification’s policy such as stock value, calculated model stock value, average monthly demand, achieved fill rate, and target fill rate.

Automatically adjust safety stock levels

Set the right safety stock for stocked items

Safety stock is designed to mitigate supply and demand risk. When the stock level reaches this minimum level, the stock will automatically be replenished to fill the forecasted demand and ensure that the target fill rate is achieved.

Identify non-stocked and obsolete items

Identify obsolete and non-stocked items

Setting the correct stocking indicator is essential to replenishment and determines what data is applied when calculating the recommended order. Non-stocked items are only replenished when a customer places an order and the goal is to hold zero stock. Obsolete items will never be ordered, there can be stock, and it can be sold, however the stock is never replenished.

Netstock inventory prioritized dashboard

Refine your inventory policy

Set the inventory policy at a national level or by product or location if you have multiple stocking locations for an item. The policy allows for flexibility, enabling you to create manual policy overrides to a specific policy for an individual product, location, or supplier.

Comprehensive visibility for Executive Teams into business performance

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Create a data-driven inventory policy

Your customized dashboard gives you at-a-glance visibility and prescriptive, prioritized recommendations to drive inventory optimization. Netstock enables you to set smart inventory policies that support your business goals, drive rapid and meaningful improvements and realize significant capital savings.

Set target fill rates

Set target fill rates

Set fill rates by prioritized categories and track performance in real time.

Optimize ordering

Optimize ordering

Set ordering policies that balance dynamic lead times and supply risk to order the right amount at the right time to hit fill rate targets.

Automate ordering

Automate ordering

Netstock automatically generates optimal orders based on your data-driven inventory policy — and seamlessly feeds that order information back into your ERP system.

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Netstock enhances data in your ERP

Netstock integrates with leading global ERPs, automatically processing data to rapidly deliver smart supply chain recommendations.

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