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Comprehensive visibility into your business performance

The dashboard offers executive teams a high-level performance overview of inventory and ordering key performance indicators (KPIs) and overall sales.

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Inventory Dashboard

Drill down into your inventory KPIs. See high-level views of your inventory value, excess inventory, surplus orders, fill rate, stock outs, stock turns and SKULs count, to respond quickly to changes and improve efficiency.

Recommended Ordering Dashboard

At a glance, executives can view the total orders made by the business and the supplier orders based on location and suppliers to quickly understand what’s impacting customer service levels.

Ordering Dashboard

Instantly see Open and Overdue Sales Orders, along with KPIs on your ability to fulfill the sales Orders. Compare Historical Purchase Orders with Future Purchase Orders. See what’s overdue, and what’s already on the way. Executive teams will quickly understand where there are Surplus Orders and the cash-flow requirements to fulfill desired Fill Rate.

Sales Dashboard

Have a complete view of total sales, total revenue, and gross margin with high-level views of sales demand. The sales dashboard provides executives with analytics of their best-selling and most profitable products and most profitable locations in an easy-to-understand graph. You can also view human-augmented forecasts vs computer forecasts.

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