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Netstock Predictor Inventory Advisor (IA) Bundles

Predictor IA helps you reduce excess, improve ordering, prevent stock-outs, and accurately forecast demand, all so that you have the right inventory at the right place at the right time to meet demand. Our subscription-based bundles allow customers to rapidly progress and manage their continuing supply chain challenges.



  • Standard functionality
  • Supplier Performance


Contains Essentials bundle plus…

  • Advanced Forecasting
  • Stock Projection
  • Extended Planning Horizon
  • Report Builder


Contains Advanced bundle plus…

  • Excess Redistribution
  • SSO

Netstock Predictor Integrated Business Planning (IBP) Modules

Predictor IBP comprises three modules providing enhanced demand, supply, and capacity planning functionality. These modules enable robust and agile S&OP planning processes for your business.

Predictor IBP modules are cumulative. Purchase Demand Planner, and add on Supply and Capacity as needed.


Demand Planner Expert

  • Pivot Forecasting for flexible aggregation and disaggregation along any combination of product, channel, and geographic attributes
  • Advanced functionality for new products, promotions, and events
  • Forecast performance monitoring and reporting

+ +

Supplier Planner Expert

  • Scalable, multi-level MRP/DRP
  • Time-phased production and procurement planning
  • Segmentation analysis using ABC, forecastability, velocity, and other characteristics
  • Exception management, aged inventory lot tracking and order batching

+ + +

Capacity Planner Expert

  • Optimized production and sourcing assignments
  • Level loading to optimize capacity utilization with seasonal or irregular demand and/or supply

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