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Netstock Predictor™ Bundles

Netstock Predictor™ is our premier out-of-the-box solution, focused on helping you reduce excess inventory, improve ordering, and prevent stock-outs. Our subscription-based bundles are set up as a progression, so customers can move up as they navigate increased complexities and sophistication within their operations.



  • Standard functionality
  • Supplier performance


Contains Essential package and…

  • Advanced forecasting
  • Extended planning horizon
  • Stock projection


Contains Advanced package and…

  • Pivot Forecasting®


Contains Commercial package and…

  • Predictor PLUS™ modules

Predictor PLUS™ Modules

Predictor PLUS™ modules provide expert functionality to our suite and provide enhanced demand, supply and capacity planning functionality enabling a slick sales & operations planning process for your business. These subscription-based modules can be purchased stand-alone or as part of Netstock Predictor.


Demand Planner Expert

  • Pivot Forecasting for flexible aggregation and disaggregation along any combination of product, channel, and geographic attributes
  • Advanced functionality for new products, promotions, and events
  • Forecast performance monitoring and reporting

+ +

Supplier Planner Expert

  • Scalable, multi-level MRP/DRP
  • Time-phased production and procurement planning
  • Segmentation analysis using ABC, forecastability, velocity, and other characteristics
  • Exception management, aged inventory lot tracking and order batching

+ + +

Capacity Planner Expert

  • Optimized production and sourcing assignments
  • Level loading to optimize capacity utilization with seasonal or irregular demand and/or supply

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Integrate and accelerate planning with Pivot Forecasting®

Get a deeper level of forecasting granularity with our revolutionary Pivot Forecasting® functionality. Forecast at any level, including by sub-SKU attributes, channel, customer, or region, and work in any unit of measure. Generate forecasts that factor in trends, seasonality, promotions, and events. Plan on multiple dimensions to generate product and channel-specific forecasts weekly or daily, creating symmetry between forecasting and planning executives in your business.

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