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Optimize wholesale planning and forecasting. Balance supply and demand.

Boost visibility with an easy-to-use dashboard to monitor top inventory KPIs, minimize lost sales, and meet demand. Easily monitor supplier lead times and automatically adjust safety stock levels to prevent stocking out of high-profit SKUs. Utilize predictive analytics to enhance demand forecasting and avoid excess stock.

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Improve inventory and demand planning with Netstock

Quickly adapt to changes and meet customer demand

  • Inventory Policy: set policy to quickly identify items in shortage or excess working with daily updated dashboards, and recommended orders per supplier
  • Classify inventory: identify stocked and non stocked items and quickly focus time and resources on your high-performing SKUs to increase customer service levels
  • Improve forecasting: forecast easily across a broad range of products, automatically adjust forecasts for products out of stock in previous months, and easily manage unexpected peaks in sales
  • Create supplier purchase forecasts: be proactive, collaborate and discuss purchase plans for the year ahead with suppliers
  • Supersessions: See the impact of your product life cycle management in product planning
  • Optimize ordering: Automatically consider minimum order quantities and purchase units of measure. Orders are pushed directly into your ERP system.

Netstock unlocks operating cash

Wholesale customers turn to Netstock to optimize their supply chains

Improving visibility for wholesale customers

Netstock enhances data in your ERP

Netstock integrates with leading ERP systems, automatically processing data to rapidly deliver smart supply chain recommendations.

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