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Accelerate manufacturing supply chain planning with predictive forecasting software

Inject predictive analytics into planning to improve demand forecasting and avoid supplier delays of raw materials or semi-finished products. Enhance visibility to monitor and adapt inventory levels to ensure the right materials are available at the right time to meet demand.

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Supply chain planning software's ROI


The practical capacity planning guide for manufacturers

Optimize your operations for success and uncover the power of manufacturing capacity planning for your business.

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Improve inventory and demand planning with Netstock

Optimize the flow of materials to meet demand

  • Bill of Material visibility: use visual linkages and ratio information to inform procurement, production scheduling, resource allocation, and inventory management decisions
  • Monitor and measure supplier performance: work with reliable suppliers, improve lead times, and automatically adjust safety stock
  • Optimize ordering: use replenishment cycle, and order size constraints (MOQ, OM). Quickly raise an order filtered to a specific work center or product range
  • Manage materials with predictive analytics: balance supply across multiple production lines
  • Assign demand forecasting models: for each item, customer, region, unit, price, cost, or margin
  • Supersessions: use existing raw materials before ordering another version

Netstock unlocks operating cash

Manufacturing customers turn to Netstock to optimize their supply chain

Improving visibility for manufacturing customers

Netstock enhances data in your ERP

Netstock integrates with leading ERP systems, automatically processing data to rapidly deliver smart supply chain recommendations.

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