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A proven leader in supply and demand planning

We’re a diverse group of talented individuals from around the world, coming together to create meaningful change for our customers. Being a remote-first company, we’ve fostered and adopted a strong set of core values:

Bringing one’s whole self to work. We challenge the status quo rather than conform. 

Being empowered. Our teams know they can take action to create magic!  

Transparency at all costs. Everyone knows how we’re doing and where we’re going at any given moment. 

Working at Netstock is more than a job. We’re creating meaningful change in our customers’ lives.

Responsiveness at all levels. We don’t believe in hierarchies and have a mutual understanding of the importance of responding to one another.

Meet the team

Our core team brings more than 100 years of inventory optimization experience.

Paul Allerhand


Our team collaborations are based on a culture of transparency and respect, resulting in great solutions for our customers and strong outcomes for our shareholders.

Boston, Massachusettes, USA

Lynne Barnes

VP, People

I get to work with a passionate team, dedicated to creating amazing solutions for our customers. The fast-paced environment, with new daily challenges, keeps me motivated.

Newport Beach, California, USA

Jefferson Barr


I’m inspired by working with a group of diverse, highly motivated and energetic people who I continuously learn from. Netstock is a special team to be part of!

New Jersey, United States

Ryan Bavery

VP, Product Management

I love working at Netstock because I am passionate about helping smaller companies compete against larger competitors. Everyone loves an underdog!

Canton, Michigan, United States

Eric Chicoine

VP Global Sales

I love Netstock because of our dedicated team who go above and beyond, a product that streamlines supply and demand planning, and a community of satisfied customers who have seen tangible results.

Boston, Massachusettes, United States

Bev Chretien

VP, Customer Success (EMEA)

Every day has a new challenge, and the CS team are always driven and motivated to solve those challenges and make our customers successful.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Basil Coombes

Director, DevOps

Each person at Netstock brings a unique set of skills and talents that work in unison to empower our customers’ success – that’s what makes the Netstock journey so awersome!

Johannesburg, South Africa

Craig de Kock

Chief People Officer

It’s amazing to see how people grow and love what they do when they get to be themselves and are trusted by everyone in the team. Netstock is a company to thrive in!

St. Augustine, Florida, USA

Vincent Di Domizio

VP, Finance

I enjoy our customers and our company growing together, and being among intelligent people to make it all happen. Up and to the right!

Pennsylvania, United States

Gail Haggerty

Global VP, Customer Success Operations

The dedication of our global customer success team. They consistently go above and beyond to ensure our customers get the best outcomes possible!

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Karen Hancock

VP Customer Success (US)

I love working at Netstock because of the supportive and talented colleagues I work with, the daily commitment to growth and improvement, and the positive impact we have on our customers’ businesses.

Lancaster, PA USA

Brendan Hennessy

Global VP Customer Success

Each customer brings a different puzzle to solve, and I love building relationships and being a trusted advisor. It’s this relationship building that keeps me passionate about my work.

Bristol, United Kingdom

Mark Hopkins

Global VP, Professional Services

I’ve always liked meeting people and understanding how things work, at Netstock I love that I get to work with customers to understand how to make their Supply Chain flow better.

Sydney, Australia

Rian Human

Product Specialist

I love working with a great team to make a product that helps our customers compete in their respective markets. Seeing the amazing feedback we receive from customers make the work all the more enjoyable.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Spencer James

VP, Technology

Working at Netstock is exciting and rewarding because of our ability to attract top talent, driven by our culture and values. Collectively we’re able to develop best-in-class products for our customers.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Bronwyn Kennedy

Director, IT Operations

Netstock is a space that offers opportunities for personal growth, working with a global team, and offering more value to customers. I love that I’m constantly learning and being challenged!

Cape Town, South Africa

Katharina Klein

Director, Partner Account Manager

Working at Netstock means no limits for professional and personal growth! Being able to achieve our goals together with a passionate and supportive team is a powerful experience.

Dortmund, Germany

Barry Kukkuk

Co-founder and CTO

There’s something really special about coming to work every day, and working with incredibly intelligent and talented people to improve the lives of thousands of global users.

Boston, Massachusettes, United States

Emile Kukkuk

Director: Development

I love working with a group of talented engineers who always push our product and tech stack to the next level. We foster a rich culture where each person can excel to their true potential.

Cape Town, South Africa

Bob Leonard

VP Sales Netstock IBP

I work with a great sales team around the world. Every day I get to meet new customers and learn about their business and unique supply chain challenges.

Boston, Massachusettes, United States

Don Martin

VP, Global Partner Channel

Our partners are key to Netstock’s success and seeing their customers flourish due to our software is something special. I’m proud to lead such a brilliant global team.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States

Trisha Merriam

VP, Digital Marketing & RevOps

Supply and Demand Planners love Netstock. We give them their nights and weekends back! And the fun, smart people I work with are dedicated to making that happen for our customers every day.

NYC Metro Area, USA

Sarah Mills

Sr. Director, Marketing

Our people and our values system are what make the magic happen for our customers. I’m always excited for what each day holds!

Johannesburg, South Africa

Ara Ohanian


Our purpose goes beyond “business as usual”. At Netstock we are passionate about giving smaller business affordable tech to punch above their weight category and challenge big business.

New York, United States

Warren Owen

VP, Solution Consultants

I love helping SMB business owners navigate the complex world of buying and selling inventory across multi-dimensional supply chains, and hearing customer stories about how Netstock has changed their lives for the better.

Boston, Massachusettes, United States

VIshnu Reddy

VP, Customer Success, Asia Pacific

I love working at Netstock because we have a great product and a fantastic team who bring value and help our customers everyday.

Sydney, Australia

Steve Shin


It’s incredibly rewarding for me to work alongside such dedicated and talented group of professionals from around the world with a shared goal of providing meaningful value to our customers.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Alastair Taylor


We’re selling something that brings tangible business benefits to customers. Couple that with a culture that is not just a mission statement, but a living, breathing, value system, then you have a real reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Rothbury, Northumebrland, England, UK

Mark Whiteacre

Product Specialist

What I enjoy most about Netstock is the blend of problem-solving, helping others, and being part of a group of exceptional people.

Sydney, Australia

Brad Wood

VP, Sales, Asia Pacific

Our team and culture are first class. This in conjuntion with our clients passing on achievements of great results, makes every day enjoyable!

Sydney, Australia

Netstock history

Netstock’s founders were among the pioneers of predictive and automated inventory management and supply chain technologies in the late 1980s. They witnessed those technologies become the exclusive domain of the largest enterprises in the world, creating a tech gap that has only widened with growing supply chain complexity. When the founders came together to launch Netstock in 2009, they shared a clear vision: To deliver supply chain planning solutions that made predictive and automated supply chain planning practical and intuitive, giving businesses the capabilities to level the playing field and compete with the industry giants.

Today, Netstock’s innovative predictive engine remains true to our founding principles:

An incredibly intuitive web interface - that’s easy to use

Incorporating complexity into the code - so the user experience remains simple

The most sophisticated optimization engines that deliver outputs anyone can understand — no data science degree required

A solution that gives you the supply chain planning capabilities you need — and cuts the fluff

Making setup, installation and onboarding training simple — cutting out the costly, consultant-driven customization process

A flexible deployment/pricing model that gives you what you need now — and is ready to scale quickly as you grow

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