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Brewing Success: T2 Improves Supplier Visibility and Delights Customers

T2 is a specialty tea brand established in Melbourne, Australia 1996, with stores across Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand. Offering a diverse range of premium teas, from classic blends to innovative flavours, T2 utilizes a channel distribution model to delight tea enthusiasts worldwide, selling its products, including teawares and accessories, through retail stores, e-commerce platforms, wholesale partners, and B2B channels.

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No visibility into supplier lead times.


Netstock integrating with NetSuite.


Increased fill rate. Stabilized supply, improved ordering and forecasting accuracy.

Netstock helped us answer the million-dollar question: what do we need to order today?

Gabriel Eytan, Global Head of Supply Chain

T2 confidently places the right orders, delighting their customers

Before Netstock was implemented, T2 managed inventory using cumbersome spreadsheets. The team was trying to keep track of all products in different locations, taking into account expiry dates and supplier lead times. This logistical puzzle consumed considerable time and effort for the planning team, resulting in T2 having too much of the wrong stock and too little of the stock they actually needed.

As Gabriel gained more insight into their inventory data, it became evident that a large pending order was no longer required. Being able to cancel this order was not only financially beneficial but also freed up valuable warehouse space.

Now, thanks to Netstock, planning inventory orders only takes one planner one day per month and this frees up time to focus on other key aspects of managing the flow of products. With Netstock’s single-view dashboard, they know exactly what the top five inventory priorities are for the day. They know precisely what items to order more of, what items may be heading into excess, or potentially where they could experience stock-outs.

The Netstock dashboard is hands down my favorite feature. It allows my team to quickly prioritize their day. I always say to the team, focus on the top 5 and leave the rest for tomorrow! With the dashboard, we quickly pinpoint the most crucial action to take.

Gabriel Eytan, Global Head of Supply Chain

T2 was still brewing success amidst the Red Sea disruption

T2 demonstrated remarkable flexibility in handling the challenges posed by shipping delays due to disruptions in the Red Sea. With the help of Netstock, they quickly assessed the situation and made intelligent decisions to prevent potential shortages. Considering the shipping delays and the Lunar New Year, they redirected their containers to Melbourne, ensuring timely delivery. Although this decision incurred additional costs, it was worth it to maintain their high level of customer service. T2’s proactive approach, backed by Netstock, demonstrates how advanced tools can help businesses adapt to unexpected issues and keep their supply chains agile and resilient.

T2 enlisted Netstock’s Professional Services to significantly enhance supplier visibility

The first priority was getting the supply right!
When Gabriel joined T2, their challenge was to increase the visibility of their international suppliers and their lead times. The first step with Netstock Professional Services was to perform a thorough audit to understand the current status vs. the policies that would be required to ensure a more consistent supply.

We needed to understand what looked right, what didn’t, and what areas of our planning to focus on. We had to perform a very strategic overview of T2 suppliers.

Gabriel Eytan, Global Head of Supply Chain

Gabriel was intentional in getting the data right in the Netstock app and reviewing the key configurations so he could make the right decisions about their suppliers.

Netstock Professional services helped to restructure the sourcing relationships with suppliers, and the Netstock app easily adjusted to the changes in T2’s NetSuite ERP. Once the audit was complete and new reports were in place, Gabriel steadily improved fill rates throughout 2023 to reach an impressive 96% fill rate.

As supply stabilized, forecasting improved!

Once they had control over their suppliers and fill rates increased, their forecasting immediately stabilized and improved.

T2’s partnership with Netstock proved instrumental in overcoming supply chain challenges and achieving significant improvements in efficiency. For Gabriel and his team, navigating the path ahead is as smooth as steeping the perfect cup of tea. With Netstock as a trusted partner, T2 can continue to refine its supply chain processes, ensuring precise delivery of every product!

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