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Unlock operating cash with more accurate forecasting and predictive demand planning with Netstock’s supply chain planning software.

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Forecasting & demand planning

Replenishment planning

Capacity and S&OP planning

Supplier performance monitoring

Inventory policy modeling

Reduce inventory, minimize stock-outs and improve fill rates with predictive supply chain planning. See Netstock in action >

Have more control over your future

Make smart supply chain planning decisions with predictive capabilities and real-time visibility.

  • Predict and forecast the right product capacity mix to meet demand
  • Reduce supply risk and costly stock-outs and write-downs
  • Free up working capital by reducing excess stock
  • Adapt to current market trends with real-time insights

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supply chain planning

Your supply chain planning solution to fuel growth

Inventory planning

See all your inventory KPIs like stock vs. model stock, fill rates, stock-outs, and excess stock in one dashboard. Action and prioritize items in descending order of impact on sales and cash, enabling rapid response to key issues.

Forecasting & demand planning

Netstock’s world-class forecasting, enhanced with machine learning, generates improved forecasts that factor in seasonality, promotions, and supply disruptions. Collaborate and measure forecasting accuracy to ensure accountability and drive continual improvement.

Replenishment planning

This powerful capability enables you to generate recommended purchase orders, work orders for production, and distribution plans to resupply and restock inventory across your network. Keep your inventory in perfect balance by ensuring you have the right quantity of the right products to meet demand. 

Capacity planning and sales & operations planning

Break down silos and create a central source of truth by aligning procurement and production with sales, finance, and executive leadership. Optimize your plant or resource capacity to prepare for seasonal spikes in demand or supply.

Supplier performance monitoring

Monitor every supplier delivery and automatically factor lead time reliability into your replenishment decisions. Outliers are identified and excluded, automatically ensuring the right amount of safety stock to achieve the desired target fill rate.

Inventory policy modeling

Model the impact of various inventory policy decisions and measure the outcome of each scenario. Optimize inventory by measuring each product’s risk profile to ensure you balance inventory levels and hold the optimal amount of inventory for your business.

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A proven onboarding process with ongoing support

Your success is what matters the most to us. Your dedicated team of Netstock experts will support your business with a well-planned implementation and onboarding process enabling your team to experience the benefits of Netstock quickly. After onboarding, we will continue to deliver ongoing customer support and training.

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A shorter road to ROI

Netstock is designed to shorten the road from rollout to ROI. An agile monthly subscription model gives you an inventory and operations planning solution you need to drive value from day one – and a platform built to adapt as your business grows.

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Netstock builds on your ERP

Netstock integrates with leading ERP systems, automatically processing data to rapidly deliver smart supply chain recommendations.

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