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April 2021 Product Update

More updates to the Netstock app: Visibility of central warehouse supplied products. 

Looking for products that are supplied from your own warehouse rather than external suppliers? We’ve added a new filter option to do just that. It’s available on all of the standard dashboard reports as shown below.

Central Warehouse visibility

Where applicable, results will now show the details of your central warehouse under the Supplier column:

Results in central warehouse

Open orders on the order schedule

We’ve expanded upon the information shown about existing orders for each product on the order schedule. You can now see the supplier, order number and other key details.

Open orders on order schedule

Additional updates

Here’s a selection of less visible changes we’ve made over the past few weeks.

  • Added the product unit of measure to the heading of the stock enquiry page
  • Emphasized the password reset option after a failed login
  • Reduced the wait time for file validation errors at the start of the batch process
  • Users are no longer locked out of the app when file validation fails
  • Improved the validation and feedback given when uploading forecasts in the Advanced Forecasting Module
  • Changed the app header layout slightly to ensure it presents well when all optional elements are shown
  • Refined the forecast risk calculation for products with limited sales history
  • Prevented the entry of negative forecasts throughout the app
  • Fixed a processing issue when there is future dated sales history
  • Fixed a visual glitch when editing the forecast of a product with an age of 0
  • Fixed an issue with the new order listing not loading if a supplier record is missing
  • Fixed an issue with future dated historical purchase orders not showing in the Supplier Performance Module listing
  • Fixed an issue with the valuation of historical purchase orders for some suppliers in the Supplier Performance Module
  • Added new data feeds for the DEAR Inventory integration

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