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G2 ranks Netstock as a Leader in eight categories for Winter 2023

G2, a peer-review website, released its Winter 2023 Grid® Reports and we’re excited to share our accolades with you. It’s all thanks to our customers!

The key to Netstock’s success is its predictability.

Built as a predictive supply chain planning software, Netstock uses powerful analytics by leveraging data directly from your ERP. This enables businesses to remain competitive in the market by accelerating inventory performance, reducing working capital, and improving customer product availability.

Securing the position as a leader in supply chain management, Netstock has created a product that offers global appeal with its:

  • Easy-to-navigate and user-friendly interface
  • Netstock learning academy that’s based on decades of industry knowledge
  • Exceptional onboarding, and customer support

Supported by an unrivaled customer experience, G2, has once again awarded Netstock as a Leader in eight different categories in the G2 Winter Grid® Reports for 2023. These categories include: Inventory Control, Demand Planning, Sales & Ops Planning, and Supply Chain Planning.

100% of users rated it 4 or 5 stars, 94% of users believe it is headed in the right direction, and users said they would be likely to recommend Netstock at a rate of 97%.

Netstock Satisfaction Ratings highlights

  • Quality of Support: 98%
  • Ease of doing business with: 99%
  • 94% of users think the product meets their requirements
  • 4.9 out of 5 stars as rated by Netstock customers

We also earned additional recognition in these categories

  • Inventory Control: Easiest Doing Business With
  • Supply Chain Planning: Best Relationship
  • Sales & Ops Planning: Users most likely to recommend
  • Supply Chain Planning: Easiest Admin
  • Demand Planning: Best Relationship
  • Sales & Ops Planning: Best Support
  • Sales & Ops Planning: Best Meets Requirements
  • Supply Chain Planning: Fastest Implementation, Most Implementable, Highest User Adoption
  • Inventory Control: Best Relationship
  • Inventory Control: Best Results, Users Most Likely to Recommend

Read more about our ratings on our Netstock G2 profile page here.

Our highest-rated features

  • Inventory collaboration: 96% compared to the G2 average of 87%
  • Multiple users: 96% compared to the G2 average of 87%
  • Business functions: 95% compared to the G2 average of 90%

Our customers do the talking!

A dashboard highlighting critical inventory KPIs

I like the near real-time data in a user-friendly dashboard allowing you to focus on key areas. The drill-down function enables me to expand and view from 5 highlighted items to the full list which can be sorted and filtered to best suit my needs.
Scott S., Operation Planner and Scheduler, Rockcote.

Forecasting with a competitive edge

As our company has consolidated divisions within the organizations, Netstock has helped give visibility to all users. We have just started using Netstock but with the Projection model, it is clear we will be reducing inventory levels by R50m in the next 6 months. For the shareholders and holding company, this is vital.
Valerie B., National Procurement Manager, Hudaco.

Perfect orders every time

I review Potential Stock Outs and Stocked Out items every morning. This is a quick way to see what may need to be ordered. The “orders” function is the quickest and easiest way to find out what to order from each vendor. The “Look Forward Days” allows you to order what is needed for a given time frame. The “Inquiry” function provides a very useful multi-year history for each inventory item. It shows seasonality and volume trends.
Terry R., President, The Tessman & Lynde Companies.

I’m absolutely humbled to see our customers have, again, rated Netstock as Leader in the Winter 2023 Reports. Even as we added more products to our line-up, our ratings stayed consistently high. Our customers rely on Netstock for predictive analytics to keep tight control of their supply chains during unpredictable times. We strive to provide the best-in-class tools for upcoming businesses to also compete in the marketplace. Our G2 ratings confirm we’re on the right track.
Barry Kukkuk, President and Co-founder of Netstock.

How G2 determines the ratings.

G2 rates products and sellers based on reviews gathered from our user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. We apply a unique algorithm (v3.0) to this data to calculate the Satisfaction and Market Presence scores in real time.

Netstock is a leader in predictive supply chain planning software and is trusted by 2,200 customers globally. Netstock’s cloud-based solutions enable businesses to remain agile, responsive, and profitable. Integrating into leading ERPs, each solution unlocks ERP data and leverages enhanced analytics so you can quickly respond to changes in supply and demand. With increased visibility and team alignment, businesses can reduce operating cash with enhanced forecasting capability, predictive demand planning, and sales & operations planning.

Visit our website to learn more about Netstock’s predictive supply chain planning software.

See more Netstock reviews on G2.

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