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Netstock Continues to Drive Unparalleled Innovation for Customers with the Launch of its Executive Dashboard

Netstock’s Executive Dashboard Provides Critical Analytics on Inventory, Sales, and Ordering KPIs to its AI-Powered Predictive Planning Suite™.

Boston, Mass., Netstock, a leader in predictive supply chain planning software for small and medium-sized businesses, is excited to announce the launch of its latest value add, the Executive Dashboard, combining crucial inventory, sales, and predictive analytics. This gives businesses comprehensive visibility into their performance and KPIs, enabling executives to quickly make informed decisions based on detailed analytics in easy to read dashboards, without the need of a separate BI tool.

“We’re excited to introduce the Executive Dashboard, a game-changing value add that provides our customers with comprehensive Business Intelligence into their business performance,” says Barry Kukkuk, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Netstock. “The Executive Dashboard allows executives to see past performance and, at a glance, better understand where the business is heading so they can quickly focus on the areas that need attention, ensuring their business continues offering high customer service levels profitably,” continues Barry.

Key features of the Executive Dashboard include:

  • View Overall Business Performance: Executives gain insights into their entire business operation across multiple or all locations. They can quickly understand historical KPI data compared to current KPI summaries, allowing executive teams to analyze current vs past performance.
  • Inventory Dashboard: Provides a dive deep into inventory key performance indicators (KPIs). Executives can monitor crucial metrics such as inventory value, excess inventory, surplus orders, fill rate, stock-outs, stock turns, and SKULs count, all presented in easy-to-understand visualizations.
  • Sales Dashboard: Executives get a complete view of sales performance, including total sales, revenue, and gross margin. They can analyze sales demand, identify the best-selling and most profitable products, and determine the most lucrative locations with user-friendly graphs.
  • Recommended Ordering Dashboard: At a glance, teams can easily track total orders placed by the business and supplier orders based on location and suppliers. Executives can instantly access information about open and overdue sales orders, and KPIs related to order fulfillment. Compare historical purchase orders with future ones, identify and assess overdue and surplus orders to optimize cash-flow requirements and achieve desired fill rates.

“We’re committed to providing innovative AI-driven technology to our customers enabling them to have the best tools to remain agile and responsive to the market,” says Barry.

The Executive Dashboard is now available for all Netstock customers.

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