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Netstock- High Performer and Leader in G2 Spring 2021 Grid’s Reports

G2, the software customer review website, has awarded Netstock a “High Performer” rating in the Demand Planning category for Spring 2021. Netstock has also received a “Leader” rating in the Inventory Control category.

Netstock is, once again, celebrating! We are proud to announce that our intuitive, cloud-based, inventory management solution has been named a “Leader” in the Inventory Control section and “High Performer” in the Demand Planning category on G2 Spring 2021 Grid’ae Reports.

Netstock has been recognized as a “High Performer” the past three seasons and ranks 2nd in the “Implementation Index” report based on customer satisfaction ratings, Highest User Adoption, Fastest Implementation, and Easiest Setup.

We have also been awarded a “Leader” based on receiving a high customer satisfaction score and having a large Market Presence in the Demand Planning category. 

Grid Leader - G2High Performer - G2

We also received “Best Usability (8.38/10)” and “Best Relationship (8.48/10)”.

Best Relationship - G2Best Usability

Netstock also received the following ratings:

  • An overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars
  • 88% of users believe the product is easy to set up
  • 100% of users feel Netstock is headed in the right direction
  • 97% of users indicated they would recommend Netstock to others.

Read more about these statistics on the Netstock profile page on G2 here.

Reviewers noted how easy the inventory management software is to use:

We wanted more visibility up and down the product value chain, and that is what we got. Netstock also addressed our most important challenge, namely BOM demand drill-downs, especially when different units of measures are in play –  Lori D, Supply Chain Manager. 

Netstock’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics is really easy and within a few hours data is imported and you can start to optimize the inventory. Thus, decisions regarding economic order quantities/lot sizes can be done based on historic data in combination with statistics. The dashboard is easy to understand at first glance and helps you to understand overstocked/understocked goods. Orders can be therefore placed/canceled accordingly. – Helmut O. 

How G2 determines its award winners

Products are ranked by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and Market Presence (based on market share, seller size, and social impact) and placed into four categories on the Grid.

As a “Leader”, Netstock has been rated highly by G2 users and has a good Market Presence. As a “High Performer”, Netstock has a high customer satisfaction score and Low Market Presence. 

It’s great to see the recognition of the hard work Netstock puts in to delivering a first-class product and extraordinary customer service – Barry Kukkuk, Founder , Netstock.

Netstock is an affordable cloud-based inventory replenishment and demand planning application. Working with over 1,600 companies globally, Netstock helps you to reduce excess inventory and free up working capital while minimizing stock-outs and increasing revenue. Designed to integrate with a growing variety of ERP systems, Netstock is easy to use, quick to adopt, and can be accessed anytime, anywhere via a web browser or mobile device. 

Visit our website to learn more about Netstock’s inventory management solution.

See more reviews on the Netstock profile page on G2

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