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November 2020 Product Update

More updates to the Netstock app: Exporting and importing forecasts

Introducing our latest addition to the Advanced Forecasting module: forecast downloads and uploads. This helpful new feature gives you the ability to download your sales forecasts into a spreadsheet for manipulation and then upload modified forecasts back into the app. Great for mass changes or collaboration with distributed sales staff.

You can find the new feature on the multi-item forecast adjustment page. Look for the new “Download” and “Upload” buttons.

Remember, this feature is available as part of the Advanced Forecasting module. You can read more about the module and register your interest here: https://www.netstock.tv/netstock/advanced-forecasting

Improvements to multi-item forecast adjustment

We’ve made a few improvements to the recently added multi-item forecast adjustment page (also part of the Advanced Forecasting module).

  • You’ll now see the product count on the top right of the page
  • The demand charts will show any stockout periods and sales history adjustments made due to peak replacement lost sales compensation, and event correction (just like the stock enquiry page does)
  • The Demand Type is shown more prominently
  • The summary’s unit-of-measure selection will be remembered for the duration of your session
  • When applying forecasts, they’ll be automatically unfrozen if the adjusted forecast is the same as the computer forecast
  • You can now optionally enter a comment to add to any product whose forecast has just been changed

Floating header for the stock enquiry page

By popular request, we’ve made the heading section of the stock enquiry page float at the top as you scroll down. This means you’ll always know which product and location you’re looking at, and have immediate access to change locations or search for another product.

This unfortunately won’t be available to our Internet Explorer users. If you want to take advantage of this handy change, we recommend upgrading to a modern browser such as Edge, Chrome or Firefox.

Security enhancements

We recently completed an extensive round of security improvements to ensure we continue to meet the highest standards for the protection of your data. Most of these changes are behind the scenes, but you may notice a few small differences. As part of this work, we’ve added a Session Timeout setting to specify how long it takes for inactivity to trigger an automatic logout from the app. You can find this under the Access tab of the Configuration page.

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