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October 2021 Product Update

More updates to the Netstock app: Extended Planning Horizon

This new module is designed to extend existing features in the Netstock app so you can confidently:

  • Manage extended supplier lead times.
  • Create a two-year forecast for your seasonal items.
  • Use your look-forward days to fill containers or plan supplier shut-downs that extend your planning horizon beyond 12 months.

Watch the demo below and learn how the extended planning horizon module can help you forecast over 24 months.

Option to download orders to the host system or the local device

Do you download orders from the app straight into your host system? At times, you might like to download a separate copy of the order for future reference or to share with others. This is now possible with a new option that allows you to select the destination of the download.


This new feature is available when viewing individual orders and against your list of saved recommended orders. It’s disabled by default so please contact your Netstock support team if you would like to activate it in your environment.

Ability to ignore historical purchase orders with excessive lead times

We’ve added a new setting to help exclude orders with excessive lead times from influencing measured lead times and supply risk.

Historical Purchases

Extreme outliers had the potential to inflate the standard deviation cut-off to the point where it could be difficult to exclude them.

The new setting guarantees a way to exclude such readings.

Login reminder emails for new users

New users that haven’t successfully logged in after a period of time will now receive automatic reminder emails.

The first reminder will be sent 4 days after user creation and the second/final reminder after another 4 days.

Reminders will be sent on weekday mornings to reduce the chances of login links expiring.

Increased safety stock for items with lead times longer than 270 days

Safety stock increases with lead times, but until now the increase stopped at 270 days because lead times longer than 9 months were very rare. With very long lead times becoming more common, we will now continue to increase the safety stock until the lead time hits 365 days.

Longer leadtimes

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