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Camprite does it rite with Netstock

Camprite is a family-owned business supplying outdoor camping and caravaning equipment, distributing products through exclusive and mass retail resellers and through their online store.

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Keeping inventory data clean.


Netstock integrated with MYOB Advanced.


Full visibility of inventory to enable on time and in full deliveries.

When the Camprite team started the business in July 2021, they wanted to implement systems from the onset. Coming from a logistics and supply chain background, Simon Nipperess, CEO for Camprite knows the importance of having good and reliable systems, and spoke to a few of his customers who were using Netstock and who recommended Netstock to him.

We have never been exposed to a system that works from day one until we started with Netstock. It has been so easy.

Simon Nipperess, CEO

Replacing spreadsheets

“My trust in Netstock started twelve months ago when I approached them to implement and integrate Netstock into my MYOB Advanced ERP. The Netstock team told me to come back in a year’s time.

They could have taken my money right then, but they wanted me to build up my inventory and supplier history so that the Netstock algorithms had something to work on.”

Twelve months later, Simon reached out to Netstock and began the implementation and onboarding process.

While waiting to build historical data, the Camprite team managed their inventory using a spreadsheet. This was manageable at the time as they did not have many SKUs. As a new business, they didn’t want to suffer stock-outs as they were determined to deliver excellent customer service and this resulted in accumulating some excess stock.

Implementing Netstock has shown the Camprite team where their stock levels should be. It has also provided them with data on their slow-moving items, allowing them to target the right resellers for that type of stock. “We want to be on top of our inventory all the time and keep our stock data clean which is what Netstock allows us to do.”

Netstock works immediately

“We have never been exposed to a system that works from day one until we started with Netstock. It has been so easy. We are in the use phase now, and haven’t had to contact Netstock support about anything. The inapp help is very comprehensive. Every system component or feature has a question mark symbol (?) that you can click on to read up on that feature. We were also pleasantly surprised at the cost of the software. It’s not restrictive at all, and the value you get from the system is very impressive compared to other systems that we have seen out there.”

The COVID- 19 pandemic has affected the supply chain, and many companies are experiencing stock-outs and have to deal with extended lead times. Camprite wants to ensure that their resellers are always a short four weeks, and not three months, away from receiving their orders. “We are changing our model to an overseas warehousing model where we will hold stock within the manufacturing country and distribute from there. Netstock will easily manage this additional complexity and allow us to provide a superior service to our global customers. We are looking forward to this next chapter with Netstock.”

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