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ZyroFisher optimizes resources and simplifies demand planning

ZyroFisher is the largest privately-owned parts and accessories distributor in the UK cycling industry. ZyroFisher distributes over 10,000 SKUs from 28 market leading brands, designed to enhance your cycling experience – increasing safety, comfort and enjoyment for every cyclist.

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Cycling parts and accessories


Sage 1000 ERP


Inconsistent demand planning and excess stock.


Netstock integrated with Sage 1000 ERP.


Improved inventory visibility.

Optimising resources

“Our demand planning process had been built and refined over many years as the business has expanded rapidly. With a team of demand planners and the use of excel spreadsheets, the process became inconsistent and didn’t allow users to focus on what really matters. We were also conscious that the spreadsheets were limiting our use of industry standard safety stock calculations. We weren’t optimising our monetary and human resources.

We wanted a solution that was simple to implement, was able to immediately enhance our current processes and cater for complexities such as forecasting separate customer groups. Netstock was very consultative and proactive in finding solutions and challenging the ZyroFisher norm to ultimately provide not just a system, but a better business process,” explains Matthew Barker, Finance and IT Director.

Netstock has been the catalyst to turn an inconsistent approach to demand planning into one that is a consistent, focussed business process that also takes less time.

Matthew Barker, Finance and IT Director

Supply chain planning software's ROI


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