Turn replenishment into a simple science

Bring your data-driven inventory policy to life, consistently and efficiently hitting your inventory optimization goals with Netstock’s intelligently automated order plans and one-click integrated ordering.

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Drive top line growth

Capture sales & loyalty

Power bottom-line efficiency

Lower Inventory Holding Costs

Auto-generate orders you can trust

Create perfectly balanced and optimized orders for every SKU, built on the data-driven inventory policies you create using Netstock’s robust inventory optimization toolset. Every order is based upon your specific goals around fill rates and optimal inventory holding.

Anticipate supply risk to avoid disruptions

Avoid stock-outs with powerful predictive forecasting and planning tools that automatically adjust order recommendations in real time. Netstock uses AI-powered modeling and real-time demand sensing capabilities that account for dynamic demand and supply risk.

Prioritize business-critical orders

Get a focused view of the orders you need to make today. Netstock uses predictive modeling to forecast upcoming stock-outs and automatically classifies every SKU based on sales value and velocity, providing a prioritized queue of business-critical orders.

Optimize shipping costs

Strategically fill containers and meet minimum order requirements with a simple view of items that will require replenishment soonest, optimizing your shipping spend so you’re never paying to move air — or needlessly ordering excess stock.

Manage by exception & place one-click orders

The easy-to-use Netstock interface makes it fast and simple to review auto-generated orders and manage by exception, fine-tuning orders with business expertise. Netstock automatically batches orders for true one-click order placement.

Seamlessly integrate order data for smarter inventory optimization

Netstock automatically sends order information back to your ERP system, creating a seamless loop of real-time inventory visibility and insights that power smart inventory optimization and enable effective Sales & Operations Planning.

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