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Netstock Joins the Esteemed “Fulfilled by Acumatica” Program

Netstock, a leading Supply Chain Planning software, joins the “Fulfilled by Acumatica” program, giving thousands of businesses globally the ability to predictably manage their inventory.

Netstock is the cutting-edge and verified supply chain planning software for Acumatica customers and partners globally.

Boston, Mass., Netstock, a leading supply chain planning software for small and medium-sized businesses, is proud to announce that it is now part of the “Fulfilled by Acumatica” program. Since 2016, Netstock’s advanced supply chain planning software has optimized Acumatica ERP data to provide predictive intelligence and the visibility to eliminate stock-outs. This exciting announcement dovetails Netstock’s years of experience and success with Acumatica customers and partners.

“On behalf of the leadership team at Netstock, we are thrilled to be part of the Fulfilled by Acumatica program. Aligning Acumatica’s industry-leading cloud ERP product with Netstock’s market-leading supply chain optimization product, we can provide customers with real-time prescriptive inventory recommendations. This enables businesses to make smart and predictive inventory decisions. We look forward to many years of successful customers who align their Acumatica ERP with Netstock’s Inventory Advisor product suite,” says Don Martin, VP of Channels at Netstock.

Being “Fulfilled by Acumatica” means Netstock is an official Acumatica partner integrating directly into the latest version of the cloud ERP and meets Acumatica-specified requirements.

The requirements to be part of the program include the following:

  • A guaranteed and seamless integration between Netstock and Acumatica
  • Confirmation that Netstock does not affect the overall performance of Acumatica
  • Ensure data consistency within the Acumatica environment
  • Verification that Netstock is developed by Acumatica-certified developers and includes the necessary product information
  • Demonstrate that Netstock meets strict security requirements

“We’re excited to strengthen the partnership and benefit Acumatica customers with a robust supply chain planning solution from Netstock to help them make better inventory decisions,” says Christian Lindberg, vice president of partner solutions at Acumatica.

The Netstock and Acumatica Integration

Netstock helps transform supply chain planning while offering exceptional customer service and support. The seamless integration process between Netstock and Acumatica allows customers to analyze and optimize the data in the Acumatica ERP to make faster supply chain decisions.

Netstock is an Acumatica Certified Application (ACA) available on the Acumatica Marketplace.

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