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Netstock launches app to enable predictive inventory optimization for the modern supply chain

Redesigned app gives challenger organizations predictive inventory planning tools in a modernized, simplified and focused user interface.

Netstock is helping growing challenger organizations meet the dynamic needs of the modern supply chain with a new app that makes it even easier for executives, demand and supply planners, and order fulfillment teams to gain intelligent, predictive insights to reduce stockouts and overstock, manage supplier risk and orchestrate better planning to optimize their inventory investment. The updated Netstock app brings predictive inventory planning to life, empowering organizations with smart tools to optimize their inventory investment and unlock capital to power growth initiatives. 

“With supply and demand being more volatile than ever, businesses need to be able to confidently predict and synchronize what their customers want with what their suppliers can deliver,” said Ara Ohanian, Netstock CEO. “The new Netstock app gives fast-growing challengers the smart inventory optimization tools to close the tech gap, level the playing field and compete with the giants.”   

Effective immediately, Netstock will migrate all current customers to the new interface and begin installing all new customers on the streamlined platform. 

“The new app stems from years of customer feedback,” said Barry Kukkuk Co-Founder & President, USA. “We focused on making it easier for users to see the information and predictive insights to make confident decisions — in less time and with fewer clicks.”  

A radically redesigned inventory command center gives all users smarter visualizations of the most important aspects of their inventory, with focused recommendations on the most critical inventory actions. The Netstock app helps translate raw ERP data by automatically integrating and analyzing in real-time for actionable insights to drive smart inventory decisions. Streamlined forecasting and demand planning workflows make it easy to get both big-picture and granular views on future demand and cash flow — and test what-if scenarios for confident decision-making.  

Updated ordering and supply management interfaces enable users to place orders with just a few clicks, then monitor upcoming deliveries and open purchase orders. Netstock’s supplier performance insights — past and current lead times, overdue orders, future order projections, and more — enable users to negotiate contracts and drive collaborative success amid ongoing supply chain disruptions. 

Netstock carefully optimized the app across a range of devices, ensuring it delivers the mobile-ready functionality for anytime-anywhere action to keep pace with a global and digital business world where demand never sleeps. 

“Inventory is where a business comes to life, and organizations are recognizing that smarter inventory management can be a powerful competitive advantage,” said Ohanian. “The future-ready Netstock app helps fast-moving, fast-growing businesses make confident decisions at the speed of the market — so they can conquer complexity, out-plan unpredictability and catalyze their growth.”

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