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Netstock helps Edco to clean up their inventory

Edco, (Edgar Edmondson (Pty) Ltd), a family-owned business established in 1941, provided muchneeded wartime supplies of bandages, blankets, and parachute harnesses to the Australian armed forces. Over the decades, they have expanded their range to include all types of cleaning products from sponges to vacuums sourced from all over the globe. They continue to win acclaim throughout the industry as the range that provides the best in quality and value in the Australian market.

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Edgar Edmondson (Pty) Ltd




Manufacturing: Cleaning Products




Lack of inventory visibility resulted in stock-outs, excess and obsolete stock.


Integrating their SAP B1 to Netstock provided a 360-degree view of their inventory.


25% reduction in excess stock in 9 months.

Netstock has been unquestionably the best software implementation we’ve experienced. The process was well managed, and the results have been fantastic.

Tim Edmondson, Managing Director

Automating inventory planning processes

Edco was managing its inventory by extracting static sales and stock data from their SAP B1 ERP and pulling this into a spreadsheet for further analysis. Once they had determined their forecast using bits of data and a lot of gut feel, they would enter their orders manually into their ERP. This process was taking an immense amount of time, and the more the business grew, the more complex the spreadsheets became. Besides the complexity issue, there was a considerable amount of person-hours required, and human error when inputting data was inevitable.

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