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Marinucci reduces inventory by 25% and increases fill rate

Marinucci has been one of Australia’s leading food packaging companies for more than 50 years. Supplying greengrocers, pre-packers, food services and food manufacturers with a complete range of packaging products.

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Sage ERP X3


Stock-outs, high inventory levels and no clarity on their inventory.


Netstock integrated with Sage ERP X3.


A 25% reduction in inventory levels with a 5% increase in fill rate. A comprehensive view of their stock.

We reduced inventory by 25%, with a simultaneous 5% increase in fill rate. Netstock is simply a better way to do it!

Logan Galbraith, Head of Buying

Better order recommendations

“Netstock suggests better order recommendations and highlights what you really should be buying. Previously we used an ERP with static reorder points – Netstock simply does it better, and much quicker,” says Logan Galbraith, Head of Buying.

Logan continues, “Netstock provides information that we can rely on to quickly and effectively make decisions that move our business in the right direction. Getting access to data is as simple as selecting a filter or two, applying the filter and clicking a button to download the resultant list.”

“The visibility that Netstock gives us, enables us to get insights into our business that were not previously possible. And the dynamic reorder levels mean we are always purchasing inventory in line with market demand, and with seasonality”. It’s easy to see why Netstock has become indispensable for Marinucci.

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