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Sports Directory achieves better visibility of their inventory

Sports Directory is one of the UK’s leading educational suppliers of sports products, providing a full offering of sports equipment and clothing. Sports Directory sends catalogues to over 28,000 primary and secondary schools across the UK and has a range of over 4,000 SKU’s.

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Sports Directory




Sports Equipment


Sage 300


Gathering information from multiple places.


Netstock integrated with Sage 300.


Better inventory visibility.

Visibility is the key

Having all of the inventory management information easily on hand and in one place, ensures a better understanding of what is wrong today and how to place the correct purchase orders. “Our ERP system was very flat, there was no indication of products that were growing or declining to help change the min and max levels. In order to make decisions we had to gather information from multiple locations to get the visibility needed. Being guided to the highest priority items in each problem area focuses action that makes a big difference to our inventory management,” explains Bill Sanderson, Managing Director.

Netstock’s ability to recommend optimal orders and to highlight exceptions as things change has been extremely valuable for Sports Directory.

Netstock has become crucial to helping us achieve our aim of 100% customer satisfaction.

Bill Sanderson, Managing Director

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