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Velocity Vehicle Care cleans up their inventory with Netstock

Velocity Vehicle Care is a B2B company importing car wash cleaning products from the USA and contract manufacture certain brands within Australia. They distribute to professional car wash machine companies throughout Australia and a small amount of export to other countries.

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Velocity Vehicle Care




Distributor: Car wash cleaning products




Managing seasonality on a spreadsheet.


Netstock integrated with Unleashed ERP.


Over 10% improvement in fill rate.

Before implementing supply chain planning software

Before the implementation of Netstock, Velocity Vehicle Care was manually exporting their Unleashed ERP data into a spreadsheet to manage the forecasting and ordering for over 400 SKUs.

They struggled to manage their seasonal peaks and troughs and never seemed to have the right products available at the right time. “Our peak season is from October to December. Ensuring enough stock to fulfill these peaks without ending up in excess over the quiet seasons was a big challenge for us. When we come out of our slow season (slow sales) and need to invest for our busy period, it puts a lot of strain on cash flow, so it’s crucial that we know which SKUs are our money spinners so we can balance our investment. With Nestock we can now cater to that demand without ending up with excessive amounts of capital sitting on our warehouse floor, “ says David Moyns, Managing Director at Velocity Vehicle Care.

Netstock has given me a better handle on the stock we carry. It’s about having the right amount of stock to ship our orders in full. And of course, this means we have happy customers.

David Moyns, Managing Director

Velocity Vehicle Care achieves 98% fill rate

Netstock helped smooth out the seasonal highs and lows. With the COVID-19 pandemic, they struggled with shipping delays, lost, unsent or re-routed shipments. It was a tough time. They were able to re-forecast their estimated monthly demand based on the drop in business. “We also extended the lead times and started working on a six-month lead time. We struggled a bit over the first half of this year, but we are now in a far better position with a 98% fill rate on orders. An improvement of over 10% in a disruptive climate is a considerable achievement.”

Trusting the Netstock order recommendations

Another challenge for Velocity Vehicle Care was having the right quantities of the right products at the right time. Through the ongoing use of Netstock, they have learned to trust the order recommendations that Netstock predicts but sometimes make slight adjustments, for example, when they need to complete a container or manage their cash flow.

“Netstock has given me a better handle on the stock we carry. It’s about having the right amount of stock to ship our orders in full. And of course, this means we have happy customers. Netstock has been a game-changer for me. I don’t think about our stock like I used to—it has taken away the stress. I don’t have to panic each day about running out or overstocking. Looking at the Netstock dashboard, I can quickly see any potential stock-outs, and we can action that immediately,” concludes David.

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