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Netstock Advanced Bundle

Extend forecasting capabilities, predict inventory levels up to 24 months in advance, and effortlessly generate customized reports in just 4 simple steps! Gain a competitive edge in the market by planning ahead while remaining agile and adaptable to rapid market changes with Netstock’s Advanced Bundle.

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Netstock Dashboard

Enhance your supply and demand planning for a future-ready supply chain

Advanced Forecasting

Advanced Forecasting

Extend your forecasting and have more control to adjust and manipulate multiple inputs to improve forecast accuracy.

Report Builder

Easily generate tailored .xlsx reports, delivering essential insights for your business’s day-to-day operations.

Stock Projection

Stock Projection

Predict inventory levels 12 months in advance based on data currently in Netstock, such as stock data, item forecasts, and inventory policy settings.

Extended Planning

Extended Planning

Forecast 24 months of inventory and plan for extended lead times. Two-year forecasting for seasonal items, fill containers, or schedule supplier shutdowns beyond your 12-month planning.

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Access the essential functionalities with Netstock’s Advanced Bundle

Supplier Performance

Supplier Performance

Designed for greater visibility of your suppliers, with the ability to download a projection of the orders you’re likely to place in the future.

Single-view Dashboard

Gain visibility into inventory KPIs on a single dashboard, allowing you to focus on critical KPIs and align supply with demand effectively.

Classification matrix

Classification Matrix

Automatically categorize items based on sales volume and velocity, ensuring optimal inventory levels for each product.

Safety Stock

Safety Stock

Determine the appropriate amount of safety stock for each item, considering supply and demand risks.

Forecasting & Ordering

Forecasting and Ordering

Automatically generate balanced and optimized orders for each SKU based on predictive plans that anticipate demand and supply changes. Automatically select the best demand forecasting models for each item, customer, region, unit, price, cost, or margin.

Opportunity Engine

An AI-driven digital assistant that analyzes historical data to deliver actionable insights and recommendations that will make the most significant short-term impact on your business.

Executive Dashboard

Offer executive teams a comprehensive overview of inventory and ordering KPIs, as well as overall sales performance.

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