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Netstock Overview

Find out how Netstock plugs into your ERP data to bring predictive inventory planning to life. The demo video showcases the Netstock platform centered on:

  • Inventory optimization: your command center for critical inventory KPIs and top items to take action on today
  • Precision forecasting & demand planning: sophisticated models calculate and adapt inventory plans based on dynamic demand and supplier lead times
  • Quick and confident ordering: connect to your ERP and automatically generate balanced and optimized orders for each SKU
  • Sales & operations planning: align executives, operations, sales, marketing, and finance around a centralized inventory strategy

Inventory insights that power growth


Capture revenue potential

Boost fill rates and prevent stock-outs on your high-value items

Reinvest working capital

Reduce excess stock and free up working capital

Out-plan unpredictability

Forecast at the speed of the market with predictive modeling of demand and supply risk

Automate & accelerate replenishment

Enable highly automated intelligent ordering based on smart inventory policy

Synchronize business strategies

Create perfect alignment from sales and marketing, to operations and inventory, to finance

A proven leader in
Inventory Optimization

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