A robust, AI infused, ML based predictive forecasting engine that gives your business a competitive edge

A dedicated forecasting work bench for your demand planners. Generate forecasts that factor in trends, seasonality, promotions, and events. Collaborate across departments and adjust forecasts to drive continual improvement.

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Whitepaper – Invest in collaborative planning to mitigate variability

In collaboration with Lora Cecere, founder and CEO of Supply Chain Insights, this whitepaper delves into ways to improve supply chain reliability with collaborative planning and predictive analytics.

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Integrate and accelerate planning

Pivot Forecasting gives you the ability to forecast bottom-up, top-down, and middle-out. Forecast by sub-SKU attributes, channel, customer, or region, and work in any unit of measure. Plan on multiple dimensions to generate product and channel-specific forecasts weekly or daily creating symmetry between forecasting and planning executives in your business.

Outplan unpredictability

Inject predictability into your supply and demand planning process, and predict future outcomes of events and promotions, across products, customers, and categories.

Enhance financial alignment

Work in any unit of measure and align your budgeting with financial forecasting. Dynamically jump between units and currencies, and change future prices and costs for different channels to predict outcomes.

Fast time to benefit

Our intuitive Pivot Forecasting dashboards are pre-configured and easy to use. World class machine learning means no complicated calculations and out-of-the-box use.

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